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Please note: we can adjust the size of any standard garment for FREE!

However, please provide us your actual body sizes at the time of ordering only as we cannot accept changes to sizes 12 hours after you have placed your order as we will have already started making your garment. We also cannot accept individual emails discussing sizes that are sent before or after your order.

To take advantage of our FREE size adjustment service, please follow these 2 steps below:

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1) At our shop, choose Login on the top bar and login to your Shop Account (or make a new account if you are new)

2) Choose the 'store your BODY SIZES' option from the left menu. There you can enter and save as many body sizes as you like, including your height and gender.

~ ~ ~

Once your Body Sizes are stored in your Shop Account, they will be automatically sent with ANY shop order you place. We then use these sizes to adjust the standard size garments you order to the specific body sizes you have given.

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For completely custom made items such as our Catsuits, or items larger than XXL, please choose Custom from the size option and provide us with all of your body sizes using the system above.

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Do you need to supply sizes for CUSTOM SIZE garments for an order already placed?

Do you have any questions for us?
Please click here to contact us with as much detail as possible, we are happy to help!
(if sending a message about a previous order, please include the order number in your message)

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Here is a useful tool to convert Inches <> Centimeters:

First, enter a length to convert:
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and the result is:
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